April Challenge, Day 24

Today’s Movement: Walking

Another Monday, another walk to the office through this beautiful (and very grey) city!


I saw:  The other day it was an eagle with a fish in its talons. Today I saw a little birdie with a worm in its mouth (the worm was still wriggling around)!
I loved: Making an impromptu decision to walk to work. The rain stopped, and I was sure that I wasn’t going to feel up for getting my movement in after work, so I just made it happen.
#Realtalk: Impromptu walking was great, but walking three miles in my boots was not ideal.

Another angle of the downtown Seattle Library. I think this building is really beautiful, especially against the grey skies.

April Challenge, Day 20

Today’s Movement: Walking (& Stretching)

I had a super hectic day at work and instead of getting up for the gym, I got up early to work on some items before going into the office. Fitness is certainly a priority for me, but so is not being so stressed out about time while I’m moving that it’s not at all enjoyable. Thankfully my sweetie was up for an evening walk and everything worked out. She has been so supportive of me in this movement challenge, and I really can’t thank her enough.


I saw:  At the very beginning of our loop around the park we saw an eagle with a fish in its talons that it had just picked up from the lake. Nature is badass.
I loved:  The surprise evening sun! The forecast did not look terribly promising, but we lucked out!
#Realtalk:  I was all kinds of sore after yesterday’s workout. I spent a little time on the foam roller which was both terrible and amazing.

April Challenge, Day 16

Today’s Movement: Walking (and Stretching)

We woke up at 6:00am, we put on our hiking clothes, we had a nice hearty breakfast, and…we decided not to go hiking. After our failed attempt yesterday, we were going to try again. Alas, neither of us felt that excited about making the drive out for the hike. In the end, all we wanted was some fresh air, some good movement, and some time together. We decided we could get that in the city, just a short drive away, walking along the shores of Alki. I’m not usually a “go with the flow” kind of person, but I’m also over doing things because I feel like I have to or have some obligation to. It was perfect.


I saw: The hope of a lovely Spring/Summer!
I loved: The sound of the water hitting the shore. It’s in my Top 3.
#Realtalk: It’s okay to change plans. It really is.


April Challenge, Day 6

Today’s Movement: Walking (and Stretching)

I did not have a plan for what my movement would look like today. I woke up and my body felt exhausted, so I decided to have a relaxing morning at the house before work. My sweetie and I generally set Thursday evenings aside as “us” time, and we choose what that looks like week-to-week. By mid-afternoon, we both had the idea to use our time to go for a walk, as the sun had come out after a drizzly morning. We ventured out after work, and, four miles later, we had not only spent 90 minutes of quality time together, but also got in some solid movement for the day. I finished off the evening with some much-needed stretching (after stuffing my face with leftovers).


I saw:  The Mountain (Mt. Rainier, for those of you not from the PacNW). She’s beautiful every time.
I loved: Having my sweetie at my side to enjoy the lovely evening.
#Realtalk: All the real-talk with my sweetie. Two thumbs up for communication.


The Mountain.


April Challenge, Day 3

Today’s Movement: Walking (and Bowling)

Sometimes you fit movement into your day whatever way you can. My spouse and I have Monday morning coffee dates before work (shout out to Fresh Flours – Beacon Hill for this morning’s caffeination), so I generally don’t prioritize waking up any earlier for a gym class. I also already had evening plans. So what does one do to make movement happen when your day is already planned? Work movement into something that has to happen anyway! I needed to get to work somehow, so I wore my tennis shoes and walked the 2.75 miles to my office downtown. I also walked another mile to the bowling alley for my afternoon plans.


I saw:  One of my favorite views of the city.
I loved: Being able to listen to a full episode of This American Life.
#Realtalk: Walking with a backpack = Back sweat

Thanks, www.mapmyfitness.com!

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