April Challenge, Day 6

Today’s Movement: Walking (and Stretching)

I did not have a plan for what my movement would look like today. I woke up and my body felt exhausted, so I decided to have a relaxing morning at the house before work. My sweetie and I generally set Thursday evenings aside as “us” time, and we choose what that looks like week-to-week. By mid-afternoon, we both had the idea to use our time to go for a walk, as the sun had come out after a drizzly morning. We ventured out after work, and, four miles later, we had not only spent 90 minutes of quality time together, but also got in some solid movement for the day. I finished off the evening with some much-needed stretching (after stuffing my face with leftovers).


I saw:  The Mountain (Mt. Rainier, for those of you not from the PacNW). She’s beautiful every time.
I loved: Having my sweetie at my side to enjoy the lovely evening.
#Realtalk: All the real-talk with my sweetie. Two thumbs up for communication.


The Mountain.


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