My Summer, Movement Board, and November Challenge, Day 1

The picture to this post is pretty much unrelated to the rest of the this post, but with Halloween being the day before my November Challenge, it was a nice way to ease in. Wonder woman goes to the gym too, you know? My Halloween “costume” was either genius or lazy, but in any case it was COMFORTABLE!

Here we go again. It’s been six months since I completed my last “challenge” and, after an amazing summer, it’s time for some accountability again. There is definitely a lot to catch up on from the summer: I completed my second Olympic-distance triathlon, a 50-mile Obliteride, AND a half marathon. Bottom line was I felt motivated and prepared (!) for my races, and I really enjoyed (!) being outside. I added a new movement to my rotation (Stand up Paddle boarding aka SUP) and had a healthy glow of Vitamin D-kissed skin for many months.

Alas, the sun faded away, work got busy, a few trips interrupted momentum, and I found myself struggling to even get out and move a couple days a week. With the support of an amazing spouse and, admittedly, my own tenacity, I completed my little art project and decided that dark and rainy November was going to be challenge month: Move intentionally everyday and post about it here!

My little art project: From sticky notes to ceramic magnets, my Movement Board is complete!

Today’s Movement: Run

I’ve said it before, but running is a default for me. It’s something I know: I know how it feels when it feels good, I know how it feels when it doesn’t, and I get to power my body as fast or as slow as I can for the day. I wore my running clothes to work and walked down to the waterfront, just a few blocks from my office. I did a nice three miles along the waterfront while listening to Another Round. I took a quick shower at my office building and started my day. Day 1…done!


I saw: The Seattle sky just before the rain came. As soon as I finished and was heading back up to the hill to my office, the drizzle started. I did a little victory dance in my head.
I loved: The company of the lovely ladies of my podcast. Sometimes I run with music, sometimes a podcast, many times nothing at all. This morning the company was much appreciated!
#RealTalk: While seagulls on the Seattle waterfront are mostly entertaining, they are also poop machines. When running along the water I often feel like I’m in a video game dodging the potential obstacles of bird excrement.

Strong + Able

One year ago this week I got my first tattoo. On my left arm in my own handwriting in bold sharpie-thickness cursive, it says “strong + able”. For years this is a mantra I would say in my head over and over during my long runs and half marathons when I was feeling particularly defeated or exhausted. “Your body is strong. Your body is able”.

I also just finished my summer “race” season. Race seems to fit better in quotes, as I never feel like I’m actually racing. More like “completing goals I set out to do and paid too much money for” season. I digress.

As I was saying, I also just finished my summer race season, which included an Olympic-distance triathlon, a 50-mile bike ride, and a half marathon. One crazy morning in May I registered for all three and that was that. It would be my third triathlon, my second 50-mile ride, and my 10th half marathon. To clarify: in my lifetime, NOT this year.

Let’s back up. In April I decided to do something I deemed a “movement challenge”. Move intentionally every day for the month of April. I made a movement board and started this blog as a way to hold myself accountable. This kick-in-the-butt came after roughly a year of being stagnant, inconsistent, and overall not my best self, all these things in so many ways, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Also, depressed. The first time I wrote this paragraph I did not use that word. But that’s what I was, too. Depressed. Side note: It’s amazing what you can do and show on the outside that would lead you to believe I was not all these things. I did an Olympic-distance triathlon last year too during this time, among other physical endeavors.

The movement challenge did exactly what I hoped it would do. It showed me that not only do I love to be (and need to be for my mental health) physically active, but I also can make the time no matter what. It helped me with my language around what movement meant to me and reinforced that it’s not a punishment (this is why I’ve more or less stopped using the word “exercise”). It made me feel healthy and strong, inside and out. It gave me something to feel proud of, and I really needed that.

Finishing the half marathon last weekend was very emotional for me. Last year I had signed up for the same race (and have done it also in years past), but decided not to do it. I was not prepared. Physically I could have finished it, but emotionally I was in shambles.

I have been looking at my tattoo all summer, using it as motivation during my long weekend training rides, swims, and runs. Reminding myself that I like doing this. Reminding myself that my body is indeed strong and indeed able. Reminding myself that I am strong, and I am able. When I got it a year ago, I don’t know that I believed it. I don’t know that I thought I could be those things ever again.

So, as I said, finishing the half marathon last weekend was very emotional for me. It was just a race, nothing particularly special, one I’ve done before. My time was slower than years past. But it was a completion of my summer races, the three events I signed up for. Three events I trained for. Three events that I completed, as I set out to do. And I believed that I was both strong and able, as is marked on my body forever.

People say time heals. Time has helped the healing process. Time has been essential in doing the work. But my hard work is what heals. Movement heals me.

April Challenge, Day 27

Today’s Movement: Running

Ahhhhh…that’s a relaxed “ah”, not a screaming “ah”.

Today was my first staycation day. I had a nice morning cuddling with my coffee, then a mani/pedi at Apollo Nail Salon, a cycle shoe fitting (and buying) at REI, another coffee at one of my favorite places (Espresso Vivace), a stop by Whole Foods, making Nom Nom Paleo’s Wonton Meatballs, then a speedy run down at the lake. Seriously, one of the best days off I’ve had in a long time.


I saw: Rabbits! Because there weren’t a ton of people out when I went for a run, the rabbits seemed brave and were hopping across the path.
I loved: Everything about today, including my run.
#RealTalk: I was loving on myself with some selfies by the lake after my run. Seriously, I was feeling myself and my hair looked radiant with the sun bouncing off of it.



April Challenge, Day 23

Today’s Movement: Running

Sometimes you have runs that remind you why you like to run, and I’m so glad this morning turned out to be one of those. No rain, no wind, minimal people, and a relatively fast (for me right now) run that felt good (mostly) the whole time.


I saw: The divers getting ready to go out. There are always SCUBA divers getting suited up to go into the Sound from Alki on the weekend. There are likely several groups, but, honestly, they all look the same in suits with their tanks.
I loved: Enjoying my run and listening to a new artist (K.Flay)!
#Realtalk: I didn’t have my “coaching” feature on during my run, so it didn’t call out the mileage at every mile increment. I’ve run along the water here many times, so I guesstimated where I needed to park and turn around to do five miles. It was such an awesome feeling when I checked my mileage not far before the half way point and it said 2.46 miles. I felt like such a rockstar.


April Challenge, Day 21

Today’s Movement: CrossFit

Today was running masked by CrossFit. Nothing makes you feel a little badass (and slightly crazy) than doing burpees at street intersections (not IN the intersection, mom!)

I was reflecting today about the whole “21 days makes a habit” thing (which is actually a myth and a misinterpretation of some guy’s work). This has actually been the hardest week for me during this challenge. I’ve proved to myself that I can do this, but now it’s not feeling as “special” anymore. I’ve even been getting behind on posting my daily movement. Going into the last week of this “challenge”, I’ll be considering what my movement goals are after these 30 consecutive days and what’s next for Fitness Promiscuous.


I saw: A very intimate view of the sidewalks in my neighborhood (this is what happens when you do burpees outside).
I loved: Forgetting to set an alarm and still waking up in time to go to the gym.
#Realtalk: The workout pants/underwear combo I chose today was just not working. Maybe it was the constant pulling up my pants because of the jumping up and down for burpees, but it was wedgie city.

April Challenge, Day 17

Today’s Movement: Running

No pictures today. No logging of miles. Today was a a catch-up-with-a-friend-while-getting-in-my-movement day. I’m not usually a chat while running type of person, but a nice jog along the Seattle waterfront with a dear friend was the best way I could imagine spending an hour after a Monday at work.


I saw:  The post-work city bustle while jogging down to the waterfront.
I loved:  Going for a run in the rain and not being that upset by it.
#Realtalk:  Friends who have extra hair ties are good friends.

April Challenge, Day 9

Today’s Movement: Running

The sun is out today. I was sure I was going to go on a bike ride, but after my run the other night, I was excited to get out again. I got a massage this morning (being hard on your body means taking care of your body…) and spent the rest of the day getting things done around the house. I prefer to workout in the mornings, but with the daylight lasting longer and the sun finding its way out today, it didn’t feel like a chore at all. I’m still feeling slow on the run, but I’m trying to give myself a little grace while I ramp up again.


I saw: Tulips! They are finally peeking their heads out.
I loved:
Seeings all the Seattleites out, soaking up some Vitamin D.
Do pants that stay up while you run exist?



April Challenge, Day 5

Today’s Movement: Running

I love running. I hate running. I go through phases of running almost everyday and then not running at all. I’m at the point in my life (aka older) that I let those phases come and go and do what they may. Coming off a phase of not running (aka winter), I decided to test the waters today. It was drizzly, I was tired, but I did it. It wasn’t fast, but it felt familiar, and I’m actually looking forward to the next one.


I saw: A street sign with all kinds of stickers. I’ve walked by here 100 times before, and I’ve never noticed it. Perhaps I’ll add my own…
I loved: Running past all of the ducks enjoying the many puddles.
#Realtalk: Period, Day 1. Ugh.


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