My Summer, Movement Board, and November Challenge, Day 1

The picture to this post is pretty much unrelated to the rest of the this post, but with Halloween being the day before my November Challenge, it was a nice way to ease in. Wonder woman goes to the gym too, you know? My Halloween “costume” was either genius or lazy, but in any case it was COMFORTABLE!

Here we go again. It’s been six months since I completed my last “challenge” and, after an amazing summer, it’s time for some accountability again. There is definitely a lot to catch up on from the summer: I completed my second Olympic-distance triathlon, a 50-mile Obliteride, AND a half marathon. Bottom line was I felt motivated and prepared (!) for my races, and I really enjoyed (!) being outside. I added a new movement to my rotation (Stand up Paddle boarding aka SUP) and had a healthy glow of Vitamin D-kissed skin for many months.

Alas, the sun faded away, work got busy, a few trips interrupted momentum, and I found myself struggling to even get out and move a couple days a week. With the support of an amazing spouse and, admittedly, my own tenacity, I completed my little art project and decided that dark and rainy November was going to be challenge month: Move intentionally everyday and post about it here!

My little art project: From sticky notes to ceramic magnets, my Movement Board is complete!

Today’s Movement: Run

I’ve said it before, but running is a default for me. It’s something I know: I know how it feels when it feels good, I know how it feels when it doesn’t, and I get to power my body as fast or as slow as I can for the day. I wore my running clothes to work and walked down to the waterfront, just a few blocks from my office. I did a nice three miles along the waterfront while listening to Another Round. I took a quick shower at my office building and started my day. Day 1…done!


I saw: The Seattle sky just before the rain came. As soon as I finished and was heading back up to the hill to my office, the drizzle started. I did a little victory dance in my head.
I loved: The company of the lovely ladies of my podcast. Sometimes I run with music, sometimes a podcast, many times nothing at all. This morning the company was much appreciated!
#RealTalk: While seagulls on the Seattle waterfront are mostly entertaining, they are also poop machines. When running along the water I often feel like I’m in a video game dodging the potential obstacles of bird excrement.

April Challenge, Day 23

Today’s Movement: Running

Sometimes you have runs that remind you why you like to run, and I’m so glad this morning turned out to be one of those. No rain, no wind, minimal people, and a relatively fast (for me right now) run that felt good (mostly) the whole time.


I saw: The divers getting ready to go out. There are always SCUBA divers getting suited up to go into the Sound from Alki on the weekend. There are likely several groups, but, honestly, they all look the same in suits with their tanks.
I loved: Enjoying my run and listening to a new artist (K.Flay)!
#Realtalk: I didn’t have my “coaching” feature on during my run, so it didn’t call out the mileage at every mile increment. I’ve run along the water here many times, so I guesstimated where I needed to park and turn around to do five miles. It was such an awesome feeling when I checked my mileage not far before the half way point and it said 2.46 miles. I felt like such a rockstar.


April Challenge, Day 5

Today’s Movement: Running

I love running. I hate running. I go through phases of running almost everyday and then not running at all. I’m at the point in my life (aka older) that I let those phases come and go and do what they may. Coming off a phase of not running (aka winter), I decided to test the waters today. It was drizzly, I was tired, but I did it. It wasn’t fast, but it felt familiar, and I’m actually looking forward to the next one.


I saw: A street sign with all kinds of stickers. I’ve walked by here 100 times before, and I’ve never noticed it. Perhaps I’ll add my own…
I loved: Running past all of the ducks enjoying the many puddles.
#Realtalk: Period, Day 1. Ugh.


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