November Challenge, Day 3

True friendship / gym buddy accountability is responding to my 5:32am text with “I’m up and heading to the gym”. FINE. ME TOO.

Thanks, friend.

After making it the the gym, then destroying my shin on the tow-hitch of my vehicle (#klutz101), and getting through a busy day at work, I also light-railed/cycled to a salon appointment I had made for my Friday evening (WHY?). It was just a few miles to cycle from the light rail station and back, but it was quite cold (but no longer “snowing”). I’m trying to force the “fair-weather” cyclist out of me.

Today’s Movement: CrossFit and Cycling


I saw: SNOW! If you are from any of the ACTUAL snow-accumulating places on this earth, you will roll your eyes at me. But there was legitimately snow(ish) precipitation falling from the sky. It was beautiful…and cold.
I loved: (And hated) that my friend got me out of bed to meet her at the gym. Getting there is 2/3 of the battle.
#RealTalk: I was cold and grumpy for most of the morning at the gym. It was a hard workout. But I did it (and felt better afterwards, duh).

Fake it ’till you make it? Trying to be excited about cycling in the cold (it wasn’t THAT bad)…

April Challenge, Day 26

Today’s Movement: CrossFit

I woke up looking forward to the day, as it’s my “Friday” (I took a couple days for a staycation). The little met-con this morning after lifting was harder than it looked. Mostly just the double-unders. One minute of double-unders feels like an eternity. Mine was more like 25 seconds of double-unders, then just jumping rope. Either way, I was a sweaty mess.


I saw: I realized through all of this that I don’t notice a ton in the early morning running to and from the gym. It’s more of a let’s get there/let’s get home. I’m sure there is a lesson in this…
I loved:
 Doing cleans. It’s a good lift – Not as technical as the snatch, but all about some fast elbows and a good squat.
#RealTalk: The jump rope marks when doing (missing?) lots of double-unders…

Thanks, Rocket CrossFit!

April Challenge, Day 28

Today’s Movement: CrossFit

I got wild and crazy today and went to 7:00am class instead of 6:00am! Apparently this is what you do when you’re 32 and have another day off of work.

Don’t worry, after quite a productive day off yesterday, I spend the rest of today on the couch, watching fit people on TV and snacking on whatever I could find in the fridge.


I saw: People going to work. But not me! (I feel like a “nanny-nanny-boo-boo” belongs here).
I loved: 
This workout. I mean, the bench was whatever, but the EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) was made for me.
If you would have told me six years ago that I would be throwing around barbells, I would have thought you were crazy.

April Challenge, Day 25

Today’s Movement: CrossFit

I woke up well-rested and ready to go this morning! Class was hard and sweaty, and when I got home I took a little longer than usual to get out the door to catch transit to work this morning. Sometimes doing emails in a bathrobe is just much more appealing than being at the office early.


I saw: One of my 6:00am CrossFit buddies on the light rail on the way to work. We both had to do a double take, as we both showered and not in workout clothes.
I loved:  That our coach was playing dance music this morning. It spawned a discussion about attending Daybreaker. (Briefly, it’s a morning yoga/dance party, which is the only kind I’m likely to attend these days, since I’m hard-pressed to stay up past 9:00pm).
#Realtalk: Ya’ll, I didn’t even mean to take that picture, but I saw it and decided it perfectly depicted how I’ve felt about getting my movement in last week.

Thanks, Rocket CrossFit!

April Challenge, Day 21

Today’s Movement: CrossFit

Today was running masked by CrossFit. Nothing makes you feel a little badass (and slightly crazy) than doing burpees at street intersections (not IN the intersection, mom!)

I was reflecting today about the whole “21 days makes a habit” thing (which is actually a myth and a misinterpretation of some guy’s work). This has actually been the hardest week for me during this challenge. I’ve proved to myself that I can do this, but now it’s not feeling as “special” anymore. I’ve even been getting behind on posting my daily movement. Going into the last week of this “challenge”, I’ll be considering what my movement goals are after these 30 consecutive days and what’s next for Fitness Promiscuous.


I saw: A very intimate view of the sidewalks in my neighborhood (this is what happens when you do burpees outside).
I loved: Forgetting to set an alarm and still waking up in time to go to the gym.
#Realtalk: The workout pants/underwear combo I chose today was just not working. Maybe it was the constant pulling up my pants because of the jumping up and down for burpees, but it was wedgie city.

April Challenge, Day 19

Today’s Movement: CrossFit

I was actually looking forward to today’s class, as most of the moves were ones that I enjoy working on. The snatch is such a technical lift, but it’s been fun to do more of and feel the difference and improvement when it’s done correctly. The met-con was HARD! Five rounds of a three-minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible), with one minute breaks between the rounds. Talk about muscle fatigue!


I saw: (Maybe this should go under #Realtalk, but I’m a few days behind on posts and I have no idea what I saw…)
I loved: Looking forward to going to the gym. The rest of this week was a bit of a struggle.
#Realtalk: I was basically just peeling myself up from the ground for some of those last rounds of push-ups. I couldn’t even do knee push-ups anymore!

Thanks, Rocket CrossFit!

April Challenge, Day 18

Today’s Movement: CrossFit

Sometimes you go to the gym at 5:00am because it’s the only time during the day that will work. And, surprisingly, sometimes you don’t hate it.


I saw: Snails…making their way out for Spring.
I loved:  That is wasn’t pitch black outside on my way to the gym.
#Realtalk:  Sometimes you fall asleep at 8:30pm (which makes getting up at 4:30am much easier). #adulting

Thanks, Rocket CrossFit!

April Challenge, Day 13

Today’s Movement: CrossFit

Well, three days in a row! I got up. I showed up. I complained about it. I did it. It was over.


I saw: The trees in full bloom around here. Lovely for me, not so fun for those with allergies.
I loved: (I’m supposed to be positive here, huh? That was why I made this part of my daily April Challenge journal.) …being healthy and able to move my body.
#Realtalk: Feeling over everything today.

Thanks, Rocket CrossFit!

April Challenge, Day 12

Today’s Movement: CrossFit

CrossFit, again! With my afternoons really busy and the rain/lack of daylight still making running/cycling in the morning not that appealing, it’s back to the gym. Sometimes it’s just about what’s easy, as in easy-accessible. My gym is within walking distance with convenient class times. Plus I pay for it, so why not use it, right?


I saw: The random folks at the bus stop looking at us like we were crazy as we were running around the block several times in the rain.
I loved: Most of the movements in this workout. Realistically, it’s one of the main reasons I went!
#Realtalk: Rain…rain…GO THE FUCK AWAY!

Thanks, Rocket CrossFit!

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