April Challenge, Day 3

Today’s Movement: Walking (and Bowling)

Sometimes you fit movement into your day whatever way you can. My spouse and I have Monday morning coffee dates before work (shout out to Fresh Flours – Beacon Hill for this morning’s caffeination), so I generally don’t prioritize waking up any earlier for a gym class. I also already had evening plans. So what does one do to make movement happen when your day is already planned? Work movement into something that has to happen anyway! I needed to get to work somehow, so I wore my tennis shoes and walked the 2.75 miles to my office downtown. I also walked another mile to the bowling alley for my afternoon plans.


I saw:  One of my favorite views of the city.
I loved: Being able to listen to a full episode of This American Life.
#Realtalk: Walking with a backpack = Back sweat

Thanks, www.mapmyfitness.com!

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