November Challenge, Day 2


Today’s Movement: Cycling

I am a fair-weather cyclist. I do not enjoy having to monitor the weather for the day, bring just-in-case layers and waterproof gear, and stress over whether or not all  of my lights are appropriately charged. This mentality makes cycling in the city in the Fall and Winter…challenging. But that’s what a November challenge is about, right? My particular motivation this morning was to attend Commute Seattle’s “Light Up Your Ride” event. I decided to do my entire commute to work and the extra distance to the event (and get back to work), which was about 10 miles. This meant I was up early, which  also meant it was dark AND chilly. A benefit of getting out early is that traffic was minimal and mostly peaceful (though commuting in the city is rarely peaceful, as I’m always on high alert). It was nice to end up at this event surrounded by lots of fun freebies, coffee, and the cycling community.

Commute Seattle’s annual “Light Up Your Ride” event. Look at all that neon!


I saw AND I loved: Being with a gaggle of other bike commuters at the event – It was fun to check out everyone else’s Fall riding layers and gear. It also never gets old to geek out with other cyclists about commute stories and recommendations.
#RealTalk: I again utilized my work building’s shower facilities after attending the event. However, the perils of getting ready AT work is you don’t have your entire closet, dresser, or bathroom at your disposal. So, what you bring is what you have. My cardigan was abandoned on my chair at home, so I resorted to an extra zip-up jacket I keep at work for chilly days in the office. Wasn’t the fashion statement of the year, but it worked. Also, I’ve forgotten much worse before.

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