April Challenge, Day 25

Today’s Movement: CrossFit

I woke up well-rested and ready to go this morning! Class was hard and sweaty, and when I got home I took a little longer than usual to get out the door to catch transit to work this morning. Sometimes doing emails in a bathrobe is just much more appealing than being at the office early.


I saw: One of my 6:00am CrossFit buddies on the light rail on the way to work. We both had to do a double take, as we both showered and not in workout clothes.
I loved:  That our coach was playing dance music this morning. It spawned a discussion about attending Daybreaker. (Briefly, it’s a morning yoga/dance party, which is the only kind I’m likely to attend these days, since I’m hard-pressed to stay up past 9:00pm).
#Realtalk: Ya’ll, I didn’t even mean to take that picture, but I saw it and decided it perfectly depicted how I’ve felt about getting my movement in last week.

Thanks, Rocket CrossFit!

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