April Challenge, Day 7

Today’s Movement: CrossFit

Sometimes you go to the gym because you say you will, not because you want to. Part of my fitness “promiscuity” is moving how I want, when I want. However, part of having goals means sometimes fighting with that concept. I decided I wanted to get back to going to CrossFit at least 2-3 times a week, as a way to keep up my strength and community. Since I skipped Thursday, in order to meet that goal, I needed to go today. So I did, and it was exactly what I needed (and, in the end, was what I wanted).


I saw: Bodies working hard at 6am on a Friday.
I loved: Being able to say at the end of the workout, “I could have lifted heavier”.
#Realtalk: I spent 10 minutes in bed convincing myself I would just go to the gym after work. Knowing this would not actually happen, I finally got up and just went.

Thanks, Rocket CrossFit!

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